Firm Experience

Partners in the firm have unique technical, legal and business experience that enabled them to play leading roles in the following areas that have earned billions of dollars for the companies they worked for and represented.

Patent Portfolio Development, Due Diligence and Acquisition
  Consumer Electronics Patent Portfolios
  Processing, Control and Display (including LCD) Technology extensively
    used in TVs, VCRs, DVDs, Satellite Receivers, and Monitors
  Digital Still Cameras
  Video Compression Patent Portfolios
  MPEG Technology extensively used in TVs, DVD (Player, Media and Mastering), PC,
    and Professional and Broadcast Equipment
  Asset Tracking (including GPS)
  High Speed Data Wireless Communications
  Microelectronics (including Semiconductor) Structures and Manufacture
  Medical Devices

Patent Licensing Program Development
  Consumer Electronics
  Imaging (including Digital Cameras, Phone Cameras and Scanners)
  Hybrid and Electric Vehicle
  Wireless Licensing Programs (including Cell Phones and EReader Tablets)
  Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) Technologies and Materials
  Patent Pools

Patent Licensing Assertion and Negotiation
  Consumer Electronics
  Hybrid Vehicles
  Wireless Devices and Systems
  Automotive Components
  Medical Electronics

Patent Litigation
  Hard Disk Drives
  Electronic Educational Products
  Optical Fiber Telecommunications Products
  Medical Devices
  Distributed Data Processing Systems
  Compression-Molded Consumer Products

Technology Transactions
  License and Technology Transfer Agreements
  Collaboration and Cross-License Agreements
  Material Transfer and Evaluation Agreements
  Sponsored Research Agreements
  Common Interest Privilege Agreements
  Consulting Agreements
  Non-Disclosure Agreements
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